G5 UnMarc Keeps on Keeping On

g5-unmarcG5 UnMarc is an emcee from North Carolina who should pride himself on continuously delivering great tracks, one right after the other. “Never Seen” comes through like a Top 40 hip hop track. It’s well produced thanks to KwesDaBeast; props to that guy for making this one seamless. The same goes for “Sick & Tired.” It’s faster than the last but still does the trick. You really get a consistent feel with G5. He doesn’t switch things up too much as you go from one song to the next. His vocals are always crisp and clean as you listen to everything from “The Matrix” to “Amazing” and right back to “Centerfold.” If you like hip hop artists who never let up and are always on point, check out G5. (https://soundcloud.com/g5unmarc)

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