2-Cole Lets the South Shine

2-cole-review2-Cole took his first steps in Louisiana and you can hear that southern influence in his hip hop. “Money Train” is a great representation of what this guy is all about. He was born for this and gets that money, and he’s proving why with this track and the rest to follow. While weed may be at the top of the conversation with “Pour up dat Purple” it’s not the title, alas it’s about having a good time with specific treats. “When U Want It” is unlike the ones already mentioned. This one could be the lead single for 2-Cole if he went to radio — that’s just a thought. If you ever wondered who did it…well he answers with “Did Dat.” If you like hip hop that reps the down south, check out 2-Cole. (https://www.reverbnation.com/2cole)

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