ONIN TR3 Makes the Desert Hotter

onin-tr3-reviewDown in the desert of California you’ll find ONIN TR3 in Palm Springs doing what he does best; rapping. “Paracusia” sounds a bit like that rock song “Barracuda” but only because they sound similar when said. From that point out no real likeness was found. Songs like “Pass it Round,” “I’m Dream’n” and “Who’s Him?” all stood on their own. One of the best songs from ONIN TR3 comes in “Get Out!” It’s like a break-up song gone realistically right. Things get in the slow lane for “Love Music” where ONIN TR3 delivers a more demure track amongst his more popping tracks. He picks it up just a little for “Name in the Sky,” but it’s not the most energetic of the bunch. If you like hip hop that’s somewhere between classic fast paced tracks and softer sounds like Drake, check out ONIN TR3 now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/onintr3)

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