1412 The Negro Leagues Band Together

1412-review1412 The Negro Leagues1412 The Negro Leagues is a group of emcess who complement one another every time they combine their talents and powers. “On Point” is a great title for this one because that’s exactly what it is. “So Cool” is what everyone wants to be and now those who might not be…can have an anthem that gives the impression that they are. Things get a little calm with “Cream.” Usually the crew brings about an energy that’s hard to immolate but this track allows a rap-along vibe. While “Killin It” brings a feminine touch to the table with the great R&B, “Bad Habits” kept it slow but brought that cool swag up a notch. If you’re into hip hop emcees that make things a group event, check out 1412 The Negro Leagues. (https://www.youtube.com/user/nl1412/videos)

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