f.a.m.m.-reviewF.A.M.M (Fly Ambitious Money Motive) are made up of two young men working together for the sake of hip hop. Meechie B and Spida 1000 work together great to make music that pops. “Turn Me Up” gets right to business and doesn’t let up. They prove that once it’s up, there’s no going down from there. The two complement one another well, showcasing a strong sense of working as a team. This is especially true as the songs continue to roll out like “Stuntin” and “Shawty Bad.” Once it’s time for “Night Fall” things get serious and the reality of what these two are all about sinks in. If you think two emcees are better than one, check out F.A.M.M. (https://www.reverbnation.com/fammkamp/songs)

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