1 Double O Are a Perfect Score

1 Double O Review1 Double O has some pretty interesting beats in their bag of tricks. As someone who watches cooking shows too much, “Rachel Ray” instantly caught my eye and quickly my ears. It was this slow paced track in the intro but then things picked up and got rapid. With “Gift And A Curse” keeps the pace slow but this one has more soul to it than the last, while “We Smoke” does the same thing, but has more of a house kickback feel to it with a cloud of smoke hanging over it. One thing admirable about 1 Double O is that they are very precise in the construction of their music. Each sounds very well done and it’s heard in the ones we’ve already noted as well as others like “Shooters” and “Bout It.” It’s not rare to find indie artists who sound like they’re backed by a million dollar deal, but it’s not common either. In this case we’ve found it with 1 Double O. Check out their precision with rhymes now. (https://soundcloud.com/sadiq-wood)

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