Young Saint Nick feat. Victor Ardene – HER

Young Saint Nick feat. Victor Ardene – HER


“HER” is the kind of hip hop track anyone with an open mind can get behind. Young Saint Nick, working with friend and collaborator Victor Ardene, are prepared to branch out globally from their Newmarket, Ontario background into the larger music world with a pumping, groove oriented single built around their love of women. They have come a long way since first finding their love for hip hop during their teen years, but this new single advances their talents in a vivid way – it mixes their obvious hip hop style with a massive chorus they pummel into listeners head without ever losing a grip on the necessary musicality they need to win the most fans possible. Those familiar with the duo will love this new cut, and those first coming to their music will be blown away by how much this comes off as a mind-blower from a longtime performing unit.

Victor Ardene’s production jumped out at me from the first. I’m used to hearing efforts from youthful talents like this and appreciating what they bring to the table, but invariably noting how the sound hasn’t yet caught up with their musical talents. There’s no danger of that here. The synths leap out at you and percolate, flare, and flash throughout the entirety of the song, but they never become overbearing and are very complementary to the other musical elements of this song. The drums, electronic in nature, nonetheless set a conclusive tone of the song from the frist and the solid foundation of their work never wavers. The vocals are well rendered by the production style, as well, and contrast nicely with the earlier mentioned instruments. The song, running almost four minutes, is fun from the very beginning and there’s no fat on the track at all.

Young Saint Nick’s lyrics are equally focused and you can hear his lascivious glee in singing about lovely ladies. He tries to get under the listener’s skin from the beginning, but he never has a domineering presence and, instead, seems to be inviting listeners to enjoy his fun. The lyrical content doesn’t have a single unneeded word – the percussive nature of the lyrical attack joins up well with the drumming and comes in early during the tune. His vocal delivery is present throughout the whole song, it never backs off, and stays with the audience all the way through. It’s impossible for me to not like this song, it just comes off so well, and “HER” is evidence that there’s no question Young Saint Nick and Victor Ardene will be a presence in the indie music world, and soon enough the larger music world, for untold years to come. The future is bright and they are inviting us to follow them all the way.


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Troy Johnson

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