Young Artist Kh1 An Emerging Talent Ready To Take The World By A Storm

A phenomenal singer and songwriter, Kh1 is The Chosen 1NE

Rahway, New Jersey – March 24th, 2021 – When it comes to making music for a cause, artist Kh1 does it all too well. An emerging young musician, the eighteen-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter is fully committed to his music career and has already taken it up as his full-time job. Inspirational and genuinely motivated to make music, Kh1 compositions stand out for several reasons. The artist, a natural at singing, also raps exceptionally well, considering he only started doing so back in 2020. The artist’s tracks are well composed with captivating rhythm and beats and have an overall feel of quality. Listeners will not regret giving Kh1’s music a chance.

The young musician is unique because his music does not quite follow a specific style. Authentic and refreshing, his music roughly fits into the genre of Hip-Hop and R&B. However, due to his versatile music taste and listening history, Kh1 draws from several genres to create content that truly stands out in its creativity and dynamism. His lyrical content covers a wide range of topics. These include but are not limited to societal issues, experiences of love and pain, etc. Broadly drawing from his lived experiences, this emerging singer’s music is highly relatable for all types of audiences. Listeners can also expect to be pleasantly surprised by his songs’ creative wordplay, making for a truly impactful experience.

The young artist has several music inspirations. He is influenced by artists ranging from AI green to many modern artists like Drake, Jay Z, and Kanye. Always fascinated by music’s uncanny ability to arouse different emotional responses in people, Kh1 has always been attracted to composing songs.

Kh1’s plans include cultivating a substantial following and gathering over a million streams. He is working hard towards establishing his music to impact lives through his art further and become a pop culture idol like many of his musical inspirations.

For more information on Kh1’s music, please visit his website by clicking here. He is open to collaborations, reviews, and other promotional opportunities.






Mekhi Hayes, also known as Kh1, is an enthusiastic hip-hop artist who is ready to showcase his talent to the world. He has an exceptional talent for incorporating clever rhymes in his songs to take his listeners along on a truly captivating and engaging journey. Highly talented and determined about his music career, Mekhi has several plans lined up for the future and can’t wait to turn them into reality.




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