Underground Artist Releases New Song

St-Ray Releases New Song “You Don’t Gotta Ask” Today!

Bronx, New York – March 28, 2021 – Underground artists have a long and arduous journey to the top. Often, their definition of success differs; however, they have one thing in common – they want to be heard. The latest underground musician on the scene in St-Ray and he seems to be here to stay.

St-Ray has mentioned the trials and tribulations that come with being an underground artist several times. According to the artist, the constant work and awareness of possible opportunities take a different level of ambition and decisiveness.  As an underground artist himself, he understands what it takes to be heard.

The new record, “You Don’t Gotta Ask,” is not the first that St-Ray has put out music, hoping to be heard. There are also songs such as “Another Day, Another Dollar” that eludes to the importance of hard work.  Regardless of the message, every good rap song has lyrics that will make any rap fan excited.   Now while the golden age of Hip Hop has inspired the lyrics of the artist, St-Ray holds no hard feelings toward the new music in the genre. He understands the evolution of a genre and its music and appreciates everything about music.

The rapper has always spoken to the power of hard work and faith. The Hip Hop scene especially is incredibly competitive and requires a strong will and talent to succeed.

Every record has a message, theme, or goal. When it comes to “You Don’t Gotta Ask,” it is meant to uplift the underdogs. The song has been released under the new entertainment company started by St-Ray called SubliminalTiers. While the company isn’t fully established, it is going to be accessible very soon.

The new song, “You Don’t Gotta Ask,” has released today, March 28, 2021. The song is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify. It is also available on the official website. For more about the artist, visit their social media!





St-Ray is an underground artist that creates music in the Hip Hop genre. The artist has been releasing music for a few years and recently decided to start his own entertainment company. Under the new company SubliminalTiers, St-Ray released a new single, “You Don’t Gotta Ask.”



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Official Website https://unitedmasters.com/m/6054c934833326556d652873
Youtube https://youtu.be/MAC9CLrip5A
Spotify https://unitedmasters.com/m/6054c934833326556d652873

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