YaBoi Eljay Vet Sound

YaBoi Eljay Vet SoundYaBoi Eljay has a Bay area hip hop style and it shows. “Time To Shine” states it loud and clear for listeners to recognize. YaBoi Eljay is here to do what he does best and he’s not going to sit in the back and let others get in his way. His approach to hip hop would fit somewhere between mainstream and the college scene. “Something about Kari” definitely sounds more mainstream and takes its beat from the 70’s and you can’t help but see a summer scene from the movie “Crooklyn” during better times. YaBoi Eljay samples “Dream On” and it turns out so well that you’ll have this version in your head after one listen. Ressie Pecie joins Eljay for “My Best Friend.” Is this a case of the tragic “friendzone?” It seems like they are more than friends though. YaBoi Eljay returns to the club atmosphere with his music with “Get That Money.” He should stick to the skill set heard in “Something about Kari” and “Dream On.” Those were his stronger points. YaBoi Eljay is still a young guy and at 20 he already sounds like a vet. Don’t believe me? Check him out for yourself. (