Turnt Up Brings Gifted Friends Along

Turnt Up is a rapper who has a grasp on the rap game and continues to do so. “The Migos” is about what he’s all about like his name and what he’s about to do in this rap game. “Levels” slows it down and then turns it up a lot with the help of Killa K and Scrait. “Throw That Thank Back” gets some help from G Black and is one of those songs that have a future in being part of a dance craze. You can see the moves already of people throwing things back. He also shouts out Uncle Jesse from “Full House.” That’s reason enough to love this one. “On The Bench” is where no player wants to be and Turnt Up goes hard in this one to deliver his best. If you’re into rap that’s got essential elements of what you love about the genre, check out Turnt Up. (https://www.artistpr.com/turntup)

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