Vino hustle Bustles Through the Competition

vino-hustle-reviewVino hustle is perfectly named because he hustles them rhymes for days. “Rap Fanatic” has a good beat while the lyrics sort of ramble out and you have a wide range of thoughts on one plain. With “Pull My Card” the start sounds like it’s working its way up to something but the song plays in chill mode, which was cool to hear. Loung helps out on “Loud Grind.” Again, great beat and the lyrics come at you in a chill pace but you can hear the intimidation in what they’re saying. When I was younger it didn’t matter what you had wrong with you, our town’s pediatrician would give you Robitussin. I’m not sure if that’s the case for Vino hustle, but his “Robitussin Bussin'” definitely struck a personal chord with me. If you like rap that has street cred but can play it cool, check out Vino hustle today. (

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