Phelo The Great Proves Polished is Where It’s At

Phelo The Great ReviewPhelo The Great is a well polished rapper who has fine lines but still brings that edge. “The Thrill of It” is what life is all about for this artist. What’s the point of doing things if there isn’t a thrill that comes with it, right? The bridge at the start is great and straddles that R&B line, but then the rhymes come in string and hard. “Back 2 Da Hood” is another one that brings it. Right away you’re tossed in the mix and it has this great bounce to its beat. Once you get to “Life Goes On” you get a softer approach at the start. It sounds very ’70s and sweet. Then you get back to the Phelo The Great you’ve come to expect with “From the Block,” and then end things with a “Night Stand” and it is great. The sample they used is very striking and you can’t help but be taken aback by it. Phelo The Great is a emcee you cannot ignore if you tried, so check him out now. (

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