Up-and-Coming Reggae Stars of Africa Unveil Hidden Gems: Reggae Dancehall Army-Africa-G1 Stun with Dynamic New Album

With the release of “Revolution Volume 1”, dynamic musical collective Army-Africa-G1 are set to take the Reggae world by storm, putting talented voices from Africa on the map of Reggae and Dancehall music.

Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany- September 30th, 2021 –An inspiring musical collective, Reggae Dancehall Army-Africa-G1 are set to take the world of music by storm. A budding Reggae movement comprising of 50 seasoned artists in Malawi and South Africa, Reggae Dancehall Army-Africa-G1 are driven to mesmerize with their newest album presenting listeners a diverse mix of sounds and rhythms. The newest project, launched and initiated by TJ Bless, a Malawi-born artist who grew up in South Africa, sheds light on indigenous original talents.

Working with talented producers in Germany learning the art and skill of production, the rising group remains an inspiration for up-and-coming artists in the Reggae world. Followed by some of the finest Reggae radio stations, such as Jamrock Radio France, the Reggae Dancehall Army-Africa-G1 project remains a successful project under the purview of Baobab Entertainment International, an up-and-coming entertainment company that runs a global digital music distribution platform.

Showcasing a breathtakingly seamless mix of vocal prowess and instrumentation, the newest release by the group encompasses listeners with unique and high-quality rhythms, entwined within mesmerizing vocals and dynamic arrangement. The group has met massive reception in

Southern Africa, particularly among the likes of big radio DJs Spider da Ryder of Joy FM, Krystol DJ the MBC Radio Rasta, Kenzoe B of Maboneng Radio FM Johhannesburg, Sam Banda Junior of Times Media House, Fraternal DJ, DJ Stanley Dude Kadzuwa and others.

Reggae Dancehall Army-Africa-G1 hope to collaborate with contemporary young and old musicians to share the beauty of making music together. They hope to instil a global culture of following the rich rhythms of the African Reggae scene.

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Reggae Dancehall Army G1 is a rising group of young and talented up-and-coming Reggae artists from Africa who are determined to highlight their talents for the Reggae world community. With their new album recorded in 6 studios in Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Blanytre and Lilongwe, and mastered in Berlin, Germany, the group hopes to channel hidden music and showcase creative and innovative talents worldwide. Under the umbrella of Baobab Entertainment, the group hopes to build a sophisticated artist network, capable of conceptualizing and implementing artistic events around the African continent and around the globe.

Baobab Entertainment is an African online digital music platform, which aims to promote rising African upcoming music talents in the global market. A branch of Baobab Africa International, which is a company founded by a Germany based Malawian artist and entrepreneur, Joseph Madalitso Jelemani (TJ Bless). Working on a range of projects such as permaculture, education, theater, and entertainment, Baobab Entertainment has been active in their driving goal to uplift African talents for the world and create a better place for the masses.

Name: Baobab Entertainment International
Email Address: [email protected]
Full Business Address:
Tannhäuser Str 1
Berlin, Brandenburg 10318

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Baobabmusik/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baobabentertainment1/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/baobabmusik
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxr0aCSKRBG-NUyzQCw
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/01o4Fe7fPGxxCFrjlHYS0N?si=g2v52aURQHa0RGfV6xSH-Q&dl_branch=1


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