Unveiling The Inventor Behind the New Genre Called Jazzonica: Canadian Composer Witold Suryn Explores the Art of Experimentation In His Genre’s Manifesto ‘Jazzonica One’

Composing music for over forty years, Suryn’s expertise in the genre Of Jazz, Contemporary Symphonic and Movie Scores showcases a unique musical talent.

Laval, Quebec, Canada-30th September 2021- Witold Suryn is simply put, a stand out artist. A composer from Canada skilled in piano, bass and, not surprisingly, the construction of a song – it’s production.

‘Jazzonica’ is a new genre invented by Suryn in Canada. The genre is a product of Suryn’s massive forty years of experience and on its surface is a blend of Electronica, Hip-Hop, Disco and Jazz. At its core, the genre is a pandora’s box of eclectic elements and artistry, much like Witold Suryn himself.

There is a newfound melodrama in Jazzonica as a genre – the rhythmic layering and structures may come from electronic, disco or house music, but the specificity of jazz rules over the harmonic construction and tension building of the song’s replay worthy beats.

The prolific artist released a genre defining manifesto, named ‘Jazzonica One.’ It is one of the first scores composed in the genre, headlined by Suryn himself. The experience of ‘Jazzonica One’ adds to the captivating universe Suryn promises to create with his eclectic music and reels listeners into the genre’s addicting world.

Available on Jango radio, the artist’s music appeals to a wider range of audiences than most. The genre hopping collection brings a new wave of interest for those listening to experience sonic diversity. It only adds to the case for thousands of listeners to hit replay when the cinematic vividness of this collection complements his ground shattering lyricism, making it voyeuristic experience for any listener.

Visit Witold Suryn website to check out, download, and buy his music. Follow the artist on social media to keep track of new releases, and feel free to contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




Witold Suryn is an established artist with several accolades defining his longevity in the industry. For starters, the Canadian musician is the sole inventor of the genre ‘Jazzonica’ – all built from scratch.

Through his genre, the artist brings a new evolution to the sound of pre-existing music with his genre’s symphonic, electronic and jazz blends.

The never-ending list of the artist’s work starts with his collaborative art project “Queens” – built upon 4 painting-music pieces with Queen of Jazz, Queen of Electronica, Queen of Symphonica and Queen of Waltz. Then comes an electronica project called Sound of Protons contains music flowing from the central point of an atom: from Protons, a jazz project called 34 Dance Street released in 2019 in cooperation with Polish guitarist Mitch “Sword” Syrytczyk and many more longevity sustaining projects within the sphere of his expertise.

At the crux of the artist’s work, there is passion, the discipline to stack up more career defining colors to an already stacked visual repertoire and the will to create a voice that not only exists but echoes elsewhere in the music industry.

Name: Witold Suryn
Email Address: [email protected]

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg5m3qIdx-UrkKHgoPPG6nQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/witold.suryn/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0QGX6OKMp0fV138qvxy7zX?si=bm1CD0G_TwOuvJY2GyMHtA


Source: ArtistPR

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