Uncle Phatt Will Take Down the Rest

Uncle Phatt is an emcee who calls Canton home and brings variety to the forefront of his music. “Place to Go” starts off when an endearing vocal by a friend, and once Uncle Phatt comes in the mood is on the serious side. “Solid Ground” picks things up a bit, but it’s still safe to say it’s a chill song. The energy is raised even more with “Caught In,” but not by much. The beat almost sounds like that of Inspector Gadget too. From that point on you have a cascade of tracks that vary from the greatness of “Love Solider” to the eerie ways of “Fortune Teller” and back to reality of “Take Down.” When it comes to liking Uncle Phatt, it all depends on what kind of mood you’re in because his music varies from song to song, while all remaining very hip hop-centric. If you’re interested, check out Uncle Phatt. (https://soundcloud.com/uncle-phatt-of-h-o-b-z)

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