j.o-reviewIf you still through Milwaukee you might find the emcee known as J.O. He brings it with a multitude of tracks and doesn’t stop. “Steadfast” featuring JJ is a bit intimidating. It’s clear this rapper feels his confidence and believes in his word. That sentiment is carried through as you hit play on “New School” featuring T3, “FanFare” featuring Dbeatz and “Prophet.” You get a familiar track with J.O’s sample of “That’s the Way.” It’s a nice homage to the original and only add to it. He takes things down a notch with “Compelling Soul” and makes a well, compelling case out of a song. Surprisingly “Put on a Show” starts off as a breakup song. That’s not that common in hip hop, and was interesting to hear. Rounding things out you have the fitting “Last Chance,” one that goes hard to bring it all home. If you like your hip hop raw, check out J.O. (https://soundcloud.com/ENTs_JO)

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