Truelly Smoove ReviewTruelly Smoove is an artist to watch in hip hop and you’ll have to keep reading on to find out why. “Fuck Sum’n” has the swag of an Usher song but an energy that’s all Truelly Smoove. It has a great beat and if it wasn’t for the f-bomb it’d be on the radio today. Maybe we can get a radio friendly version to groove to on the airwaves? With “Trickin (Bust a Band)” you’re introduced to a guest artist that comes fast and it captures you quick. There’s no time to think, you’re instantly invested in this track. While the latter was more pop R&B based, this one has hip hop written all over it in the verses. As we travel deeper into Truelly Smoove we get more into his overall feel. I think “Carla Starr” is the best representation of who he is as an artist. It’s a fresh track that has an understated beat. We’re going to end this on a hype note with “Spilled My Drink” featuring Piccalo. It’s one of those songs that is about a moment. It’s not going to change lives but it’s fun as hell to sing along to. If you’re a fan of artists like T-Pain and Flo Rida, check out Truelly Smoove. (

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