Finley Doe ReviewFinley Doe is coming at you from Chattanooga, so get ready. “Really Doe” is where we’re going to start with this musical excursion. It’s a chill one to begin with. As we roll onto “Da Same” we pick things up a bit, but it’s clear at this point that Finley Doe is a laid back emcee. Something we can all relate to comes through in “Don’t Judge Me.” Who doesn’t say that sentiment? Finley picks it up in the delivery here but it still has this cool demeanor to it. You get to bounce with “Makin Moves” while “Stress (All I Been Thinkn Bout” is another one that strikes a chord universally. “When I Ride” may be the strongest from this batch baked by Finley Doe. It’s the full package; lyrics on point, beat in tact and pace that doesn’t quit. We go from the best of the bunch to the finish line with “Dat A$$.” It’s not as booty popping as one would think, its beat has more of a low key feel to it which makes the moves to be had a little more sensual. If you’re a fan of artists like Wiz Khalifa and Young Thug, check out Finley Doe today. (

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