True Times with Tru Def

Tru Def ReviewTru Def is a young emcee who sounds like he’s been doing this since ’93. When Tru Def hit up RAW in Dallas he not only demanded attention from the crowd, but took it with an explosive performance. That’s something to respect from a hip hop artist. The one’s that can go onstage solo and take control, that’s impressive and respectable. Then when you get to his music offstage, he still commands that attention. Songs like “King Of The Hill” regulates and really captures you with a simplicity. He really likes the idea of royalty as we get into “King.” This one has a great hook in it that you can hear throughout. It kind of is this omnipresent feature. “Another One” kind of passes you by but then “Bout Dat Life” pulls you back in with it’s hard hitting pace. We go from that hard hitting track to one that scales it down a bit, “Do Me.” It’s definitely one of those songs that will get stuck in your head because it’s easy and very memorable. Kelton Blackshare hops on “The World Is Ours” and together they create an instant hit. It had this understated energy that comes through in a way that makes this one an undeniable one. If you’re a fan of Drake and TI, check out Tru Def today. (