“Thinking” by Edenn

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“Thinking” is the debut track from Togo-born singer-songwriter, fashion designer, screenwriter and genuine citizen of the world, Edenn. He creates an exceptional listening experience in “Thinking” combining pop-dance, and electronic fusions. Now based in Europe, Edenn wrote the track after a fashion show and the outpouring of love he received. As it stands, not many of us can relate to putting on a fashion show, but nonetheless we often find ourselves in the equally relatable moment of sharing our love and thanks to those closest to us. Edenn seamlessly takes the lead.

I was struck by the sonic bliss in this track. “Thinking” isn’t aggressive or even so chill you feel like you’re labored getting out of the hammock you’re affixed to, rather, the slow-dance vibe. Think Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” It’s as if Edenn has filtered a sunny, beach song with portrait lighting and wide soundscapes. The ‘dripping’ sound of the beat is mesmerizing and oh-so memorable. He uses the feature throughout “Thinking.”

At times the track feels a bit overproduced, but after a few listens, you get past that and start peeling away the extras. Edenn doesn’t have a distinct voice. But, he distinctly moves this song like a journey down the coast, or a slow dance. The grooves move along and patch together tightly. Listen past his voice. It’s not bad, it’s just a bit generic. That sounds harsher than it needs to be. Edenn is unique, but we all know in the world of pop music, that some songs are going to fall into a certain category and some bands are going to sound the same. It’s just going to happen.

Because he’s from Togo, I was hoping to hear more of the traditional blends and musings from the West African nation. Edenn certainly excels at mixing in sounds and measures, but if you’re looking for some spices to your meal, you won’t find the added fixings in “Thinking.” Don’t assume, just go with the flow. Perhaps his journey now leading him to Europe has him more subdued and mellowed.

Fans of Sheeran, Akon, T-Pain, Billy Ocean, Rihanna, Usher and more will dig “Thinking.” I like his pallet – his approach. He really paints a beautiful landscape and foundation and builds upon it in a way that is very modern. He has a bit of the neo soul sound, but mostly pop. I highly recommend Edenn and look forward to more songs from this emerging artist. Word on the street and from his team is that he’s quite a prolific songwriter and has amassed more than 300 songs. Plenty to go around the world, Edenn. Keep ‘em coming.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thinking-Edenn/dp/B07D3LSHF1

Troy Johnson

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