Lauria releases new single “Losing Me”

Lauria releases new single “Losing Me”


Florie-Laure “Lauria” Zadigue Dubé, from Montreal, CA, debut single release “Losing Me,” is a remarkably well-written, produced and arranged track, especially for the first release. Having grown up around music via her uncle’s basement studio, it’s no wonder the song is so good because Lauria is certainly no stranger to music. The track shows so much promise it is bound to reach the masses in no time flat. It’s that fantastic for numerous reasons, starting with her hypnotic vocal delivery and ending with the right beats and melodies to round out what is ultimately a hot new single in which she can be proud.

Not much else is known about Lauria, but with enough push this single could take off in a big way and put this wonderful singer on world stages where she belongs. Sometimes an artist is happy to just exist, but you can also sometimes hear the passion so much there is no doubting the aim is reaching for the sky. This isn’t a song to hide, it begs to be heard again and again, which hints to the fact that it plays endlessly well on loop setting. It’s great for cruising the car, the poolside or just kicking back to around the house and those are some of what marks a great song today.

The lyrics explore how she doesn’t care what others want when it comes town to talk, leaving it up to walking instead. The vocals are cool because they come in one tone and end in another, applying a double tracking that sounds almost conversational. This is a clever styling that hopefully sticks around in her work, it’s a great use of the vocal chords and sometimes even sounds like two different singers singing at each other. I find that to be one of the most impressive things about “Losing Me.” It’s a talent that shows Laurie’s singing prowess to be second to none and of the world class variety.

The music is essentially Pop oriented, and it influentially falls somewhere in the territory of Soul bands like T’Pau and PM Dawn ruled the airwaves with in the 90s. The production values check out the same as well, and it’s not hard to compare her to such because she’s of the same ilk. This is not an indie or pedestrian sound, it’s chock full of the right stuff any truly great Pop and Soul singer is made of to exemplify the artist by her craft. And if more music is coming from Laurie, it’s a good idea to ponder, especially a full-length LP or even an EP release the next time out.

I’d also like to hear Laurie collaborate with someone in the future as well, because she sings great and would easily sound fabulous in any duo setting. You get all of this and more from just one track in what should stand out as a long career ahead for a budding artist with her whole musical life ahead of her. “Losing Me” works on all levels to get Laurie’s music to the proper masses. It’s not every day we hear a potential star in the making, but this is one to watch for.


Troy Johnson