The Windy City’s Chris Capalano

Chris Capalano ReviewChris Capalano is an emcee from the Windy City who has a sound that really shows off a supreme talent. We start this out with Chris and his bud Good with “Half A Brick.” Here we have a lot of energy right out of the gate. The intro alone of this song could get adrenaline pumping, and once the lines start to come out – that doesn’t change. As we move onto “Somebody Snitching” we get another great intro but this time it’s because this one is completely different from the last. Instead of this hype feel, we get a more sing-song, playground rhyme and then Chris Capalano comes through fresh. What’s to be appreciated about “Hands High” is that Miami nightlife feel the music brings to life. From the heat of Miami to the streets of urban America, we land in a “Sea of Doubt.” Here is the real icing on the cake of the whole lot. It has a great vibe all the way through and really showcases a true set of skills. If you want to hear more from this Chicago based rapper, check him out now. (

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