Start the New Year with Alex Xander

You don’t hear too much rap from the North West, but Alex Xander AKA PAPI is going to change that. Let’s get started ironically with “The Wait.” When you see only a picture, you can never truly know what to expect when the music starts. I was surprised to hear Alex showcase some vocal abilities when it came to actually carrying a tune here instead of just spitting out rhymes. The boy can sing on top of rapping. In “Now You Know Pt. 2 (LEGEND)” we start off with some dramatics and then ease up for the rest of the show. We keep going on that easy road with “Rich Mahogany” while rounding things out with “MAIDS,” a track that showcases more of an attitude from the emcee. What I loved was when Alex Xander showed off something a little different with the vocals. He should put more of that into his music and he’ll continue to stand apart from the crowd. With that, here’s to watching his career grow in the New Year. (

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