The Urbspot – Interview with n8e

The Urbspot - Interview with n8e

It was an extremely hot day in Hollywood. The interview was set for 1:30. n8e (pronounced na-tee) strolls in at exactly 1:30 just as cool as the tracks on his debut release, “One UniverSoul” on Brainstorm Records. The 25 year old Altadena, CA native greets me, and apologizes for not being there sooner (now, that’s how a business man works).

n8e has been working in music since the age of 15 as an MC, writer, producer, arranger and composer. He was raised around immense amounts of talented people, ranging from his mother (a successful poet), whose creativity was an influence to n8e; his father (who came from India and held executive positions with major corporations), whose business sense was a source of inspiration to n8e; and his multi-talented musician friends, which included Jon B, whp featured n8e on his “Cool Relax” album. n8e rapped on the opening track, “Shine”. The album went on to sell 1.5 million copies. n8e said of that experience, “It helped me learn a lot about the studio process, and how record labels work”. He continues to do tracks with Jon B on occasion. He does shows around the L.A. area, and does have a loyal following, “There’s a good amount of people that come out to my show that know the lyrics to my songs” .

The title track from n8e’s album, “One UniverSoul” peaked at #4 nationally on Urban Network Rap Chart. It has received a huge amount of college radio airplay. When asked about overseas exposure, n8e stated, “I have people that have taken the CD to Europe, I get some good feedback over there. I went over there with Jon, and I really liked the vibe, and they really could feel what the music is about”. As far as what the music is about, the album contains a real phat, smooth underground flavor with cuts that you can groove to or chill out to. Every single cut on this album is worthy of airplay, there are no filler cuts on there (In other words, GET THIS ALBUM). In describing his style, n8e says, “I just try to put good positive music out there”. He has also signed on to do a track for the “Blaze” soundtrack, which alson contains cuts by KRS-One, GZA, the Beatnuts and others which is due out later this year. Of the project, n8e says, It’s a thrill working on a project with major artists such as these”

As far as his business side, he controls his website (, as well as controlling his publishing, which he has licensed through ASCAP and owns his label (Brainstorm Records), with his father. “My dad is retired now, so he spends a lot of his time helping me get business straight” he says. There are also plans for his college degree, “I only have about a year and a half left to get my business degree” he states. With his plans, potential and talent, expect n8e to spread his UniverSoul worldwide.

*For L.A. area residents, or anyone in L.A. at the time, check out n8e’s live performance at The Temple Bar in Santa Monica on August 9. For more info, check out his website, or call 310-390-6611

The Urbspot by Paul Baucume

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The UniverSoul of n8e

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