The Struggles of Big T AKA Gemini

Big T AKA Gemini ReviewBig T AKA Gemini came from the streets and knows what it’s like to struggle for what you have in life, and he portrays that in every ounce of the music he puts out. “Wartime” is all about that mentality and you can hear that explosive drive in his delivery to make it and overcome. It sounds like a violent attack on the world. In “Fucked Up” he calms it down a bit and gives a bit of a softer side but at the same time he doesn’t drop the fact about where he came from and how hard he’s had it. The same can be said about “10 Gold Rings” while “Sawed Off Pump” comes through like a mix between the two sides we’ve come to know from Big T AKA Gemini. It’s the most “pop” his sound gets as he’s a street emcee through and through. If you’re a fan of rappers who have a real struggle to their past and portray that through song, check out Big T AKA Gemini. (

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