The Sky’s the Limit for Lanza

Lanza does his best with what he has, and if he keeps it up will be one of tomorrow’s must-listen artists. “Soldier” has an eccentric style. When it starts it’s more like talking than the hip hop flow most are used to, but then it goes on and gets more traditional with a hook. With “Came a Long Way” we get a sample of what appears to be either a sermon or track from way back in the day. Here you hear more flow from Lanza and it really showcases what he can do better than where we started off. With Tool by his side on “Be With You,” we get more of a neo-soul infused track here. “Aiming for the Stars” starts with a fantastic ivory trickle and then when the lyrics come through it’s all about what he’s going to do and what he’s done to get where he wants to go. Lastly we take on the best decade with “90’s.” What would’ve made this one pop off more would be if it was done more with a ‘90s beat or if the lyrics paid homage to those ten years a bit more. All in all Lanza is a young emcee who still has a ways to go, but definitely has a strong platform to spring off of. He’ll be as asset to hip hop soon. (

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