The Many Sides of Yung Chido

Yung Chido ReviewYung Chido has as many sides as a pair of dice. “Get the F**k Out Of My Way” is a great track to kick things into gear with when being introduced to a new artist. It has a great hook and makes you want more. Then you roll into “No Worries” and right when it starts it has this polar opposite feel than the last. It has a more joyous feel while the last was more attitude driven. This one is definitely a good time track. “Mrs. Life” takes on a different side of Yung Chido as well. It’s sounds more mainstream hip hop like Drake. Last up you get “Definition” and he stays on the mainstream path but adds a beat that allows for fluid movement. It’s something you might hear featured on a Chris Brown track. If you like hip hop that can go from hardcore to feel good to mainstream, check out Yung Chido now. (

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