The Future is Here: Beeisthefuture

Beeisthefuture ReviewBeeisthefuture is a hip hop artist that’s making some bold moves and looking forward. “Personal Theories” makes you think you’re getting into an EDM track, but then the flow comes and it’s a true blue hip hop track. That start tricks you but it’s all good in the end. HueyJay hops on to help out with “Life In The Sky.” Together they create a dark world with sound. It sounds like a future ghetto realm. “Late Recognition” picks it up but still sounds like Beeisthefuture as it’s got that sci-fi beat feel. Then you have “Twisted Infatuation.” It plays slow but it keeps you into it. There’s something about him and his style that is different, yet satisfying. If you like to take chances when it comes to rap, check out Beeisthefuture today. (

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