Dre5K ReviewWhenever a song starts out with a songbird, you can expect something exquisite and Dre5K’s “Real” is no different. The singer he has in the intro aids his rhymes wonderfully and makes the delivery come across with in a heartfelt manner. That’s not all this emcee has up his sleeve though. He tells his story in “Came From Nothing” while he goes at it from a whole new direction with “Shoutout.” We’ve heard the heart, the struggle and in this one he’s more raw with it. He comes from that way again in “Shittin’ On,” while starting off with drama in “Kurt Cobain.” We’re back to reality and telling tales in this one and it’s a nice dose too. If you’re a fan of hip hop that’s real and not put through the pop-matic machine, check out Dre5K now. (https://soundcloud.com/dre5k)

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