Omari Jahi ReviewOmari Jahi is an emcee who has a finesse for what works well together. “Want To” intertwines the feel of ’90s pop while he really lays down the rhymes. Then with “OE at 3rd Rock” you really hear his rap game come to the forefront. It’s here that it’s clear that he knows his stuff and isn’t just messing around. “Good Book” comes in with an intricate beat but it doesn’t hold a candle to “3rd Rock” which is like the centerpiece for what Omari is capable of as an artist. Then rounding things up is “Girl Can I” with a little R&B flare. Whether he’s popping off, getting a little soulful or just laying out the rhymes straight – one thing is for sure – Omari knows his way around the music realm and if you’re in the market for an artist that isn’t afraid to tack on other genres and still make it work – then Omari Jahi is the man you need to check out sooner than later. (

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