The Force of Dominique Larue Is Strong

Dominique-Larue-reviewThere’s just something about Dominique Larue that can’t be contained. She releases this energy you can’t help but take in when you hear her rhymes. “Attucks” is the first song you’ll stumble upon from this emcee and it’s a good one. It starts off kind of slow, leading you to believe it might just be a beat but then Larue comes through and kills it. She does the same with “So Vivid” and “Seems Like Heaven.” All three were produced by Maja7th and have this ’70s feel in the in all the intros. As for songs that featuring musical pals…”Freedom” with Micah Robinson on board plays like Neo Soul, and M-Dot and BoyCott Blues give a little more laid back street vibe with the “Circulate” remix. Dominique can shine on her own though in tracks like “The Boulevard,” “Dream” and “Grammy Family.” If you’re into artists like Gavlyn and Oh Blimey, check out Dominique Larue today. (

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