DJ Crisis, Crisis Averted

DJ Crisis ReviewGot a second to check out your favorite new emcee? Alright, let me introduce you to DJ Crisis. No matter if it’s legal or not, pot is a relevant topic in hip hop forever and always and that’s the case with “Marijuana Time.” It’s a good song to get the herbal party started, if that’s what you’re into. “Birthday Song” starts off alluding to smoking one up, but then gets into this aggressive song about it being your day of birth. Hey, when the simple “Happy Birthday” won’t do…this one could. The start of “Biggest Fan” that serves as the hook pushes this one to the forefront as the best. It’s a love song done in a really cool manner. The rhymes in “Conscious Thought” are on point and this one has a more serious tone than the others. The truth about DJ Crisis is that he raps about every topic under the sun and does it in a manner that’s serious, but he can let loose when it comes to pot culture and love. Make sure to check DJ Crisis out now. (

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