That Summer, Vol. 1 Compilation feat. 0 hype, Skinny Fresh, AntoineRNB

That Summer, Vol. 1 Compilation feat. 0 hype, Skinny Fresh, AntoineRNB

That Summer, Vol. 1:

This has been such an epic year for hip-hop, from the inspiring number of new artists who have come out of the woodwork to the new, inventive promotors, producers and labels that are staking claim to the future of the industry as we know it. BWH Music Group is becoming one of the go-to sources for new content of all styles and varieties, and the label’s new comp That Summer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to showing off the highest caliber material their artists are coming up with these days, especially on the hip-hop and R&B front. I had a chance to preview That Summer before it hit the marketplace a little earlier this year, and although I’ve never been much for comps and mixtapes, I found what BWH had put together to be deeply compelling and required listening for any music enthusiast.


0 hype is a rapper who doesn’t need much of an introduction if you’ve been keen on the international hip-hop scene in the last year. His collaboration with Chris Chand, “Ease My Mind,” finds a comfortable home among the other treasures to behold on That Summer, steadily laying down the hottest groove of the year with comfort and ease. It might be a little early in his career to say for certain, but if any of his future work is on par with “Ease My Mind,” 0 hype is destined to be a member of hip-hop’s royal family before his day is done.


In his song “All I Need,” Skinny Fresh champions old school beats and giant rhymes intricately strung together to make a sonically elaborate, aesthetically fascinating piece of modern hip-hop. Skinny Fresh perfectly balances out the dark psychedelia of 0 hype with this open flow style hit that further emphasizes the tremendous diversity of BWH Music Group’s collection of artists. “All I Need” is hard to categorize, but as anyone who loves good music knows, the best tracks tend to be that way.


Don’t worry, devout smooth rhythm and blues disciples – That Summer has something for you, too. AntoineRNB turns up the seductive heat with “Let Me Live,” one of his most mature singles to date and a required staple of this record. Anyone who has ever felt all of the relentless stress of love and lust will connect with AntoineRNB’s soulful, articulate lyrics and melody that refuses to give up. “Let Me Live” isn’t just the sexiest jam on That Summer, it may well be the soul ballad of the year.


If you’re a true hip-hop or R&B fan, you’re already aware of the value of a really solid mix. Some of our all-time favorite artists have been discovered this way, and some of our all-time favorite songs are first given life in this format. BWH Music Group delivers all the artistry of a street level, DIY compilation in a singular, polished format that is so easy to digest that it tends to feel more like a summer music festival than it does a handful of studio tracks. That’s a difficult feat to accomplish, but for this record label, it’s just another day in the music business.

Troy Johnson

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