Tha Veteran Has that White Boi Swagger

the-veteran-reviewTha Veteran has been doing his thing for years and after all his work is about to pay off. Money makes the world go round and this emcee knows that and that’s the reason behind “Gettin Money (Bling Bling)” featuring Big T. We then get a little something different, kind of, with “New Arrival.” It’s a musical argument to get marijuana legalized and it makes some good points. We take on relationships with “Hard 2 Love” and then have Hattan and G2C get real with “Lyfe Choices.” Really, it all boils down to Tha Veteran having that “White Boi Swagg,” which he proclaims proudly. If you’re into hip hip that covers money, love and swagg, check out Tha Veteran now. (

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