Teno Rick ReviewTeno Rick covers all the essential hip hop bases and wants to score a home run with listeners. “Can’t Fvck Witcha” really has a lot of attitude and is all about being the man when it comes to women, especially other men’s ladies. Other than owning when it comes to the ladies out there, Teno Rick pops when it comes to getting green and conveys that with one of his best – “Money Makin.” It seems like you can’t be in the hip hop realm today without a little something called swag, so it’s appropriate that he has a track called “Swag God” that covers that topic. He had Zoe Monroe help out on “Lyricnati” and it doesn’t really pop as much as the rest, it actually has a more demure feel compared to the others. Zoe does deliver some rapid fire rhymes though. If you’re into hip hop that can bring it but also can take it slow when need be, check out Teno Rick. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF8T6R3lhqyV8Q28vFmqRmg/videos)

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