Enough SaiD Gives His All

Enough SaiD ReviewEnough SaiD tells it like it is and gives nothing but 110% in his rhymes. Every rapper seems to have a song that really conveys what they are about and who they are and for SaiD, it’s “Going In.” Then you get into the tracks from “The Love Of Music” and hear his range. “AYE LA” is a fast and fun track, while “Polo Down” has a darker feel. In just those two songs you can see how Enough SaiD really spans the spectrum of what he’s capable of doing. I think “Incredible,” although simple with the hook, is one of the better to come from this guy. It really tells a clear tale and sounds good the whole way through. I say that and then stumble upon “Wake Up,” and that too is a great one with a good lesson at the forefront. If you like hip hop that can give you a well thought out idea and also is entertaining – has that balance – check out Enough SaiD today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/enoughsaiddp)

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