Staticthebeast ReviewOut in the Midwest Staticthebeast is doing his thing with hip hop and creating a style that can’t be beat. “For the Money” has a great hook and sounds more on the pop side. It has that Akon feel to it. In that it has a flow, but at the same time can be sung and is fun. That’s all in the hook though. The rhymes follow that beat but come across like a good ol’ fashioned emcee. With “Sex With Me” we hear a sensuality brought on by a guitar played slowly at the start. Then the lyrics kick in and kick things into gear. While the music continues to play sensually, the rhymes come fast. It’s a nice balance of nice and slow. It’s like imitating the lovemaking experience. If you like hip hop that intertwines with mainstream and R&B, check out Staticthebeast now. (

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