Talented Gospel Recording Artist Releases RnB Love Song

An ode to love worldwide, this artist has just dropped a new love song to celebrate acts of love and commitment

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — October 12th, 2021 – Dengiyefa Akene, a gospel artist, decided to expand his horizons by releasing a powerful wedding song, “I’ll Be Down For You”. This new single reaches out to all the romantics at heart who still believe in life commitments like marriage. The artist wishes to celebrate love with clean lyrics that define love in the purest possible manner. Also, celebrating the spiritual potential of two people committing to each other for life, the artist’s single is great for newlyweds coming into communion together.

The content of this release brings together family members and other loved ones into a joyful and celebratory mood, as all love wedding songs aspire to. Dengiyefa Akene has intended for the single to take the listeners back to the 90s with its RnB feel-good vibe that everyone can relate to and feel the connection of love. Moreover, this powerful song has an equally powerful backstory. Initially, artist Dengiyefa Akene had written this song to celebrate the love and bond he shares with his wife on their anniversary. However, due to its relatability, the artist decided to use it to celebrate love worldwide. Thus, this sing was released as a wedding song to commemorate the commitment between two lovers. As a song, “I’ll Be Down For You” also conveys reassurance for partners, making it an evergreen piece of music.

Dengiyefa Akene is originally a gospel artist who is now attempting to play at other genres as well since he believes the message of Christ must be spread through versatile ways. The artist also sees the commemoration of love as an act of holy worship. In the future, the talented singer envisions releasing more similar music.

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For Dengiyefa Akene, it all starts with an endless passion and commitment to God, his worship, music, people, and life itself. A recording artist, music producer, and worship leader, Dengiyefa Akene is invested in a rich biblical understanding of worship and the gospel. Through Gospel music and now other types of music, he wishes to bring people in an intimate setting of worship, both locally and internationally. The artist believes one must make full use of one’s gifts; accordingly, he wishes to pursue his passion for music and release more songs.


Dengiyefa Akene
Name: Dengiyefa Akene
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