Heritage from The 70’s and 80’s: Introducing to the Masses The Sentimental Gents

Heritage from The 70’s and 80’s: Introducing to the Masses The Sentimental Gents

Making old school music and having a grip on sufficient musical talents, the emerging band The Sentimental Gents is all set to make it big in the world of music

Järfälla, Stockholm – October 27th, 2021 – Up-and-coming band The Sentimental Gents is a massive force to be reckoned in the musical world. Possessing incredible expertise in the genre of R&B and having years of musical experience in hand, the band really knows how to come up with unique tunes and play around with beats. In hopes of expanding their artistic horizons, The Sentimental Gents are ready to release their brand new single pretty soon.

With the release of the single, the rising band is looking forward to getting their sound out there and attracting R&B lovers towards their music. They want more and more people to give a listen to their songs and get familiar with the kind of music the band makes, eventually leaving an everlasting impact on the listener’s heart as The Sentimental Gents make ‘old school’ music. The band describes its music as “real music”, a sound that used to be appreciated by people back in the day when no computers and artificial technology was involved in the production process. In short, The Sentimental Gents composes music that is played by a group of people and not by some gadgets or computer programming, which is why their music tends to touch people’s hearts and leaves the audience in awe. The line-up for the brand new single consists of Michael Williams, who was behind the lead and backing vocals of the song. Michael is the former lead singer of the world-famous vocal group, The Drifters. Hans Lindberg plays the bass guitar throughout the song, while the drums are played by Mattias Knutas.

The saxophone incorporated in the song is played by Mike Lesirge, while Ryan Jacobs is behind the trumpets. Björn Johansson plays the keyboard and guitars throughout the song. The song is produced and arranged by Björn Johansson, whereas the music and lyrics are done by Jim Lindqwister and Björn Johansson. The talented drummer for the song, Mattias Knutas, used to be a drummer on Robib´n Gibbs last World Tour, The Killer Horns. The Sentimental Gents are one of the most unique and original R&B bands out there. The founding member, Björn Johansson aka Bejohz, describes The Sentimental Gents’ sound as “Authentic Soulful Music.”

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Björn Johansson was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been fond of music ever since he was a child. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Björn worked with a singer from Bolivia, Milton Cortez. They made a couple of albums together and one of them became a gold album in Bolivia.

Currently, Björn is working on an album with the English singer Michael Williams. The first single “All I Need is a Single Word” was released on December 4th, 2020. The album titled ‘A Musical Journey With Michael Williams’ will be released sometime during 2021 or 2022.


The Sentimental Gents
Name: The Sentimental Gents
Address: Fuxvägen 1, c/o Johansson, Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden
Email: [email protected]


Main Website: https://bejohz.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesentimentalgents
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesentimentalgents
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/01vYAeBmicy0e7ueEKhq7B?si=rumaVodwTGSaF3gCaQPs4A&dl_branch=1


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