Take It Easy with Ezy money

Ezy money ReviewEzy money keeps his cool as one of the latest emerging emcees. “And I” has a swagger feel to it that makes it a stand out right out the gate. We head to the streets, ironically with “Streets Ain’t Safe.” This one has a chilled vibe but still holds a strong intimidation. With “Set Up” it comes across like the others, but has a more whisper tone. We go from keeping things low key to getting a little energetic with “Talk that Talk.” This is the most oomph we’ve had from Ezy money the whole time and it’s refreshing. It seems like that’s where we’re at now because “$tag on it$” has an upbeat. It’s not overdone or anything, it’s not getting crazy but compared to where we started with Ezy money, this is up. Rounding out things with this rapper is “On My Momma.” This is a great one to end with because it has a good beat, a fantastic lyrical flow and makes you want more. If that’s what happens to you – check out Ezy money and keep an eye out for what he does next. (https://www.reverbnation.com/ezymoney)

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