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Goofyy Gets Serious

Goofyy ReviewGoofyy has the pipes and rhymes to get things done. “Lets Make a Movie” is a really cute love song. It’s a new way to say you want to be with someone and it’s precious. “Stay Wit Yo Man” showcases good vocals, while “Motivation” has a very chilled vibe to it. Things really get good with “Behind Close Doors.” After “Movie,” this one ranks high on tracks you can check out from Goofyy. Rounding things out is “My Life.” It’s an honest look to end on. If you want an artist that blends R&B and hip hop seamlessly, check out Goofyy coming at you straight from the Midwest. (http://www.reverbnation.com/goofyy)

Marc Hearn Intertwines Just Fine

Marc Hearn ReviewMarc Hearn is an artist from Texas who knows the importance of intertwining the best of both worlds. “Ca$h Jackson” featuring R.O.T.M. is a nice mix of R&B and hip hop. The hook being smooth like chocolate and the rhymes coming through fast and solid. “Better Stop” Keeps the soul flowing. It sounds like something you’d hear alongside Usher and Ne-Yo on a mixtape. CMG hops on to help out on “Coming Dine.” The hip hop comes back in action and really carries this one from start to finish. If you like artists, who can soothe you with R&B and get you going by incorporating that hip hop feel, check out Marc Hearn now. (http://www.jango.com/music/Marc+Hearn?l=0)

Blue-Shakespeare: Aroma

blue-shakespeare-reviewBlue-Shakespeare is a power player when it comes to mainstream radio with his hip hop flavor. “Ecstasy” is a hit from the start. This guy knows what do to to make a song pop and with a style that’d garner the attention of Jason Derulo fans, he’s on the right track. It’s a nonstop party as “Aroma” takes over the room and gives it a feeling of good times. Blue-Shakespeare then lifts your energy levels and takes them through the roof with “Millions,” then he really showcases his flow skills a bit with a hip hop influenced R&B track called “Feel My Pain.” Indie artists can be questionable but the only question you should have about Blue-Shakespeare is, why isn’t he dominating radio yet? Check him out now! (http://blue-shakespeare.com/)