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Ridin’ Low with El Cannon

El Cannon ReviewComing to you you straight out of Blackwood is El Cannon. “Gold” starts things off shining as you can hear his smooth take on delivery. In “Everyday” we continue to have the chilled way with words. He’s like a laid back Ice Cube as he demands attention with his words with a bit of attitude in his voice. We pick things up just a bit with ‘Ridin’ Low.” The beat has a bounce to it and here we get some energy from the emcee. Whether he’s taking it slow, or going hard – one thing’s for sure, El Cannon is a pure talent. Check him out today and hear for yourself. (https://soundcloud.com/elcannon)

El Cannon: New Freedom

El Cannon ReviewEl Cannon’s “New Freedom” is a masterful hip hop record worth your time. The record starts with “Lord Knows” and there’s a slow build up to it but once it starts, it’s great. It’s a very easygoing tone of voice. He’s got compassion intertwined with a realness. Come “Real Niggas” it’s clear that El Cannon doesn’t play around. He’s about keeping it straight with his rhymes. When it comes to “Outkast,” he has a winner on his hands. You don’t really hear a lot of songs like this in hip hop. It’s more a subject matter for pop punk and rock, but this idea of the outsider – it’s beautifully done here. It’s pretty chill when it comes to this record but we get a little pep in the step as we get into “Ridin Low.” What I appreciate about this record is that it sounds well done. Things are crisp and clear and you don’t ever feel like you’re listening to an underground artist. El Cannon has his bases loaded and this one is hitting it out of the park. Check out “New Freedom,” out now.