Swaylex – No Rules 

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De-QqaMm0u0 

“No Rules” is one of three tracks Emanuel Williams, aka Swaylex, has uploaded to YuoTube to illustrate his multi-instrumental and compositional talents. This song alone is enough to prove the young musician is a formidable talent who, even in the ruins of what was once dubbed the music industry, possesses the hunger for success and skills to cut through the dross and rise to the top. The instrumentals show an ample amount of chops – it’s impossible to deny that when you’re dealing with a multi-instrumentalist – but “No Rules”, as are the others, retains an innate accessibility few enormously talented musicians can balance out. Swaylex, however, does it with little apparent effort. “No Rules” is an excellent title for referring to his musical approach. Swaylex’s compositions don’t respect rules, break with convention, and show that it is still indeed possible for one musician to be an one man band.  

One man bands often show a pronounced penchant for one instrument above others. This isn’t the case with Swaylex. Swaylex shows an across the board facility with each of the instruments employed on “No Rules” and, far from following the standard rock template, there are some hints of progressive rock’s expansive creeping in along the edges of its melody. The predominant mode, however, of the song is guitar rock. It isn’t the sort of six string histrionics we associate with heavy footed hard rock but, instead, has a surprising airiness we normally don’t hear from this sort of music. Swaylex’s guitar sound is warm and fluid, but the most impressive aspect of his presentation on the instrument is how he never plays even a single extra note. Everything is tailored for maximum effect, but there’s no pandering. We get the sense from the beginning that this is exactly what he wants to get across to listeners and there’s a definite mood created from the start that he’s able to sustain for the entirety of the performance.  

The song runs scarcely over two minutes in length. This might indicate the song is some sort of trifle rather than a substantive piece of musical work, but the truth of the matter is that Swaylex’s musical talents are such that he can accomplish more in that short amount of time than many other players and composers pull off with twice the amount of time. The construction carefully orchestrates the various movements of the song without any apparent stitching between its disparate sections. The tempo changes are, likewise, handled with expert skill and he makes the necessary adjustments throughout to fully realize the song’s potential. The first of Swaylex’s three uploads is a memorable instrumental and bodes well for his future work. Emanuel Williams is a musician at an impressive stage in his musical development and clearly ready for prime time.  

SHAZAM: https://www.shazam.com/track/101123023/rock-on 

William Elgin

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