Ashley J – Trapped


Pop songwriter and Singer, Ashley J joined forces with renowned producer and multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy winning, Narada Michael Walden, to create her latest hot new single, “Trapped.”  Laced with mid-tempo snaps, shadowy synths and soft whispers; “Trapped” highlights a deep infatuation with a new partner.  If you don’t know Narada Michael Walden’s large body of work, it would be easier to describe him to you than Ashley J who’s not exactly a newcomer to music, but a budding pop star that has been brewing for some time when you delve into her past far enough to see that. But what a producer/mixer/engineer like him can bring to anyone, is a larger, more blown up sound.

This is simply one of the greatest music producers and musicians in the history of popular music. And that is a tall order in of itself. An order in which Ashley has risen to meet with flying colors and soothing notes. She has an awesome voice, but it’s how she uses it that takes it all the way. She dominates the track but it bubbles away with a strong beat to back her, and that is where Walden takes the reigns and holds the solid groove down. But this type of thing often doesn’t know where to end, but all the right elements collectively come together after each ebbing break of the synched beats. This is remarkably done with pure precision as to not separate the song from the vocals. And that establishes a cohesiveness together that marks the single a winner in my book. A book that contains many of the same to be found between the music and artists’. Having the voice and the means to use it right don’t always happen, but when it does, and you get the right producer for it, no matter how you come by them you must grab the opportunity with both hands and not let go. The lyrics are perfectly balanced with each verse and it has a way of putting you in the trance she’s singing about. It’s as good as a song can get in today’s pop music landscape and should be a hit record. Everything about it kicks, and it flies by without missing a beat before the reason to set it on repeat dawns. And clocking in at just under four minutes, it never bores with its stay fresh sound. She sings about being gone from the word “hello” and where that takes her, which is into the ultimate trap, but it doesn’t sound like she wants out, so there’s nothing negative about the song. It’s about falling deeply in love, and it doesn’t explore any desires to get out of the trap.

The effects are positive and the result is beyond satisfying. Ashley J should soon be a household name like many this famous producer has worked with, but stand on her own two feet in the process. And that’s like killing two birds with one stone, on one killer release. There isn’t anything but high marks to give this, along with anything she appears to touch.


Elvin Graham

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