Suntrodden – Suntrodden III

Suntrodden – Suntrodden III


Suntrodden is a music artist from Atlanta, Georgia. While you might think that “Suntrodden” is the name of a band, it’s actually just one guy. Erik Stephansson writes and records music under the name “Suntrodden.” So, this is really a purely solo act. This five-song set is the newest musical output from Suntrodden. If this is any indication of his previous work, there must be a lot of great stuff to enjoy in his catalog.

“There’s a Place” is the title of the first song of the set. This opening track has some particularly great vocals. The well written number is definitely the kind of tune you can sit back and relax to. This cut is enjoyable from the first chord all the way to the closing sounds. It’s an appropriate start to a well written and put together album.

Next in line is “Pure.” The lyrics to that track two are no disappointment. It really is a great song to listen to and reflect on things. The soft vocals of the singer give it a great sound and the whole thing is very enjoyable. You can definitely tell there were some great musical influences that went into creating the sound of this project. There is nothing better then a well written song, and this is one of them.

I really love the title of the next piece, “Moonflower.” Its sweet lyrics are great to listen to if you are looking for a night in with your love. Suntrodden once again does not disappoint with this track.

The penultimate track is “Never Again.” The song is a little more upbeat and gives that great pop feel. “Never Again” talks about taking on the day and not looking back, which is always a great message to be conveyed. The cut does not let you down lyrically, and the talent shines through in the tune.

Suntrodden closes the set with “The End ( Haunt Me).” I can’t help but notice the resemblance that Stephannson’s voice has with the voices of some of the legendary British bands. The soft catchy pop vocals make this one of my personal favorites on this album. Beyond those vocals, this features great lyrics and instrumentals. This is a song you could listen to and enjoy over and over again,

Overall, this album was well put together. The songs did have a lot of similarities, but that is really okay when they are as constructed with as much skill as these songs are. The set is made up of soothing slow pop tunes that are designed to put you in the mood to relax and reflect. I would definitely recommend this album to friends and would give it a seven out of ten. If you give this disc a try, you will be taken into a wonderful musical experience from the first track, and it will leave you wanting more with the last track. One of the basic philosophies of being a successful entertainer is to leave the audience wanting more. This one definitely does that in style.


Laura Turner

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