Stevie Pre Greatest Hits


These past few years over in the UK and across Europe the music scene has seen this humongous surge of djing. With bands producing some the wickedest sounds falling under labels such as Dark ambient, Drone music, Breakbeat, Acid breaks, Baltimore club, Berlin School, Dubtronica, Ethnic electronica, French house, Funky house, Dubstep, Brostep, Chillstep, Acousmatic music, Musique concrète, Tribal house to only name a few, there seems to be an endless market of creativity to choose from. Djing has opened doors to many who never felt like they quite belonged in the structure of the triangle: lead, bass, drum in their raw forms. And now that this genre of wide open ability has filtered its way across the globe and is spinning the 21st Century of globalization to unify the masses music has certainly set her course of change. The age of electronics in multiple forms is here and it is here to stay. Integrated or on its own, this is the new millennium’s birth.

Recording artist/producer/DJ Stevie Pre has released his own set of unique abilities in this massive open genre of musicology. Honing his craft from his earlier days in high school as a guitarist in a heavy core band, Stevie soon found that his soul belonged to another beat, the universe of djing. This calling has drawn him into the world that is so wide open in its outer space regions that there are not any reasons or excuses left to not create. Stevie has shown this to be true, as he is a master creator soaring ahead and a rapid rate. Taking many of his works from a variety of projects he has released this album, Stevie Pre Greatest Hits, it is his showcase, the best of the best and the diversified quality embraces a whole existence of sound that is so desirable by industry standards and large EDM/Techno/Electronica fans today.

In this new millennium, our 21st Century, we are witnessing our computer technology becoming more and more accessible, giving way to quality music software, advanced interfacing, the ability to interact with others in music production and create music that no longer sees itself tied to traditional forms or music standard’s set by the powers that be in the music industry. This is a relationship that is developing at such a rapid rate and evolving that the possibilities of new genre labels and subgenres are endless. It truly is an exciting time to be a part of this incredible opportunity of creation.

Stevie Pre Greatest Hits certainly has taken hold of this exciting time of new adventures and succinctly designed sounds that are complex, simple, diverse, moody, ethereal, ambient, dance, jazzy, and more. The album unfolds itself within each track, the numbers are lucid enough that your music taste buds are all happy. The evolutionary process of production Stevie has mastered well. The prowess of knowledge is self-evident in his numbers. Undoubtedly a master djing label along with notable producer is his perfection.


Jane Porter

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