Downie – “Unavailable” Single

Downie – “Unavailable” Single


Downie has been singing in front of audiences since she was a very small girl. She began her formal vocal training as a young teenager performing classical , pop and jazz music. Whether in a recording studio or live, Downie is a seasoned vocalist with a wide range, able to execute all genre’s of music with emontial depth and creativity.

Downie revieved rave reviews in Japan where for four years she performed to sell out crowds in the clubs and hotels. She also performed with on the Dennis Bono show Live In Las Vegas with Grammy winning singer, Crystal Gayle. Her latest single is called “Unavailable.” If you’ve ever been in the position Downie is singing about, you can pick right up on this single and enjoy it time and again. If you haven’t that’s okay because you don’t have to in order to like it. This isn’t the type of thing you turn off when it’s playing. There is really nothing bad you can say about it. It might be a little too short but it’s undeniably good. It will sit at the top of my playlist for weeks, I can already say that. If you like pop, country, jazz and Americana, then this is right up your alley. It will do the business and then some. But if the feather light sound that you hear doesn’t turn your ears on, I can only wonder what will. Put it altogether and to each their own, but I was glad to hear Downie like a new wind through the trees. More was the first thing that sprung to mind when I heard “Unbelievable,” so it’s only an entry level review concerning the artist. But as for the song I’m on board the train.

It sits somewhere between a ballad and a folk tale but I can’t explain why. It has a pop finish to it that seals the deal, and the other influences can all be felt. Those are the bells and whistles to be had all over it. It begins with an acoustic guitar and she comes right in with the lyrics that follow a line of social taboo factors. The idea is to stay away from a certain type and move on. But it doesn’t come without a storyline to follow. It’s just that you get the point very early on, what the song is about. She warns to just keep away and don’t bother, find someone else. You get the heart and soul of the matter and it’s even more in the tonal qualities of her voice than the lyrics. They’re a strong part of it, but it’s a combo of everything to be heard. That is why jazz lovers will still appreciate this, even though it’s light in that department, saving for exploring other territories. She stays emotionally grounded as she tells her story not to fool around. But you can tell it comes from experience, and she really cares about the subject matter. That is an honesty that shines throughout the whole song. It breeds a feeling that this is a true artist with meaning in what she sings. And in a world of fakery that’s what a lot of people are looking for. She is no exception to the rule and the world awaits her next release. If I weren’t more into rock and other forms of music I’d be after her whole collection in just one listen of this. But I will get around to it because I did. That much I can say, and it’s recommended for pop lovers as well. It’s contemporary, so it’s not the bubblegum variety of pop. But it breaks barriers for her, if not the genre itself. But you never know where such a bird will land, and Downie seems to fly straight as an arrow. So, she has already been far and wide and this just takes her to the next level. It is a plateau anyone would want to reach.

SP Clarke


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