SpeakEasy – Bi Polar, Puzzle Pieces, WasteLands

SpeakEasy - Bi Polar, Puzzle Pieces, WasteLands

SpeakEasy is a talented group hailing from New York City, delivering fans some incredibly talented hip hop music that is easily appreciated by the most resistant of fans. Comprised of three members; Paradigm, Rabbi Darkside, & DJ Quiet, the groups focus is targeted at making a huge impact in the hip hop industry, and they certainly achieve their goals with this single, the debut single released on Sitnspin Records.

All three members retain a high degree of established experience in the industry. Deeply rooted, and possessing well-developed skills, the group shatters all doubts with the 12″ release. Incredibly fashioned music perplexes fans through excellently played vocals, stellar beats and production. SpeakEasy best achieves an intensely raw urban sound through their contributions and DJ Quiet’s exceptional work on the tables.

Bi Polar is the records most appreciated joint. Hot vocals performed by Paradigm, and Darkside, who bounce back and forth with some incredible rhymes over a beat that is off the hook with some powerful horns. This track is packed with quotables, hard hitting punchlines, and a sound fans crave. Rabbi Darkside breaks out equally as witty as Paradigm in this top notch track. Puzzle Pieces features Rabbi Darkside’s well laid articulation, style, and delivery which will have fans in a frenzy. Innovative, and creatively intense, Puzzle Pieces is a definite fan favorite. Wastelands showcases incredible talent from all angles. A unique track taking fans through hip hop’s wastelands in proper fashion. There are no disappointments with any of the songs featured on the 12″, everything comes hot, and correct. On the B-Side instrumentals for each of the three songs can be found. Definitely fan appreciated, as all of the beats are off the hook, packing massive impact.

Paradigm, Rabbi Darkside, and DJ Quiet all deliver outstanding contributions to this release, making it a sure shot fan favorite, definitely worthy of the highest fan appreciation. Lyrics, Beats, Production, DJ Techniques are all on point, and perfectly laid in full. There are no disappointments with this stunning release by Sit n Spin Records.

Track Listing:


Bi Polar

Puzzle Pieces



Bi Polar Instrumental

Puzzle Pieces Instrumental

Wastelands Instrumental

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