ShaQ:Muzik – My One & Only Love

ShaQ:Muzik - My One & Only Love

ShaQ:Muzik – My One & Only Love


It seems that bringing the oldies to life is a great career choice for musicians today. It worked for Bruno Mars, who introduced the hip generation to ’80s-style funky hits, and it works for ShaQ: Muzik, with his new smooth jam My One and Only. One thing one has to admit about this song is that it definitely would have been a hit on the ‘90s music block. As it is, the song could become an instant classic for lovers who want to celebrate commitment.

My One and Only is the story of a man who celebrates and pledges his love to his partner. As the opening credits transform the atmosphere and introduce the listener to sexy, slow track, ShaQ: Muzik’s powerful vocals draw his audience in with the simple lines ‘yeah, you made me fall in love with you, like a perfect sunny day…’ His sultry and silky voice glide over the words in what seems to be the perfect love song for couples celebrating on their anniversaries (seems because most of the words are obstructed by the complementary instruments).

ShaQ: Muzik’s choice of instruments make the song both irresistible and hard to listen to. Because they are strong and well-coordinated, they make an attractive foil for the words that ShaQ: Muzik croons to his lady love. However, they are so powerful they drown out most of the words.

Anyone who appreciates karaoke and is not afraid to try hitting the high notes that characterize My One and Only Love will have fun with this song. If you do not mind looking up the words, you will have a wonderful time snapping your fingers and tapping a toe to the song’s smooth tempo, or singing along to the Marvin Gaye groove that ShaQ: Muzik has got going on in his latest song.


Jeff Bazils

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